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Juni 2019
InFacT in Hildesheim
CRM Seminar Universitätsklinikum Halle (Saale)
Simulations-Training Leitstelle Schweiz
Erstellung klinischer CRM-Filmclips in Reutlingen
Simulations-Training DRF-Luftrettung
InFacT in Zürich
Juli 2019
InFacT in Stuttgart
InFacT in Zürich
Simulations-Training Klinik Stuttgart
Simulations-Training Klinik Ulm
Simulations-Training Feuerwehr Stuttgart
Workshop "Fallstudien aus der Notaufnahme - rechtlich und medizinisch"
Vortrag Blickwinkel Intensiv Ulm
Simulations-Training DRF-Luftrettung

On-site training

For on-site simulation training, we not only provide you with experienced instructors, but bring a full simulation system with us, including video equipment, to your medical facility:

  • Hospital, e.g. emergency admissions/shock room/delivery room/operating room/department of your choice
  • Ambulance station
  • Medical practice/physiotherapy
  • Care facility/home ventilation

The simulator can be installed either in your training rooms or in a department where patients are usually treated, so as to provide you and your colleagues with simulation-based team training. This training concept is also referred to as in-situ or point-of-care training.

How you benefit from in-situ training:

  • Customary working environment: your colleagues will use their own materials and equipment during the training, in their usual working environment (“train where you work”)
  • Integrated team: the team members undergo training in the group in which they usually work (“train together who work together”)
  • Effective system check: the teams review the established structures, procedures and processes during on-site training, enabling systematic causes for errors to be effectively identified and efficiently remedied
  • Efficient use of resources: logistically, on-site training makes it easier to include the majority of staff in a short period of time – if necessary over several days in a row
  • Clear time and cost savings: on-site training also saves the time and cost of travelling to a training centre

We can gladly expand your desired training to include a talk or seminar. An outline of the topics we address can be found here.


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