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April 2020
InFacT in Minden
InFacT in Zürich
InFacT in Kassel
Simulations-Teamtraining Klinik (6 Tage)
InFacT in Morschen
CRM-Seminar Hamburg
InFacT in Krefeld
CRM-Seminar Reutlingen
Mai 2020
InFacT in Morschen
Simulations-Teamtraining Klinik (4 Tage)
CRM-Seminar Leitstelle
InFacT in Zürich
InFacT in Krefeld
CRM-Seminar Reutlingen
InFacT in Münster
Simulations-Teamtraining Reutlingen
Juni 2020
InFacT in Minden
InFacT in Stuttgart
InFacT in Zürich
InFacT in Münster
CRM-Seminar Reutlingen

For the safety of your patients and beyond: medical simulation-based team training

Professional services of the highest calibre can only be expected of teams that are routinely trained as a team to deal with critical situations. A successful training strategy – which sadly all too often falls by the wayside – depends on the regular performance of modern simulation-based team training courses.

Modern, simulation-based team training using human factors is a worthwhile investment, since it promises a number of positive effects:

  • Enhanced patient and system safety, and in turn improved patient outcomes

  • Improved team coordination and interaction: better planning, better collaboration, earlier enlistment of help, integration of all team members and their know-how, fewer misunderstandings and mistakes, clearer communication, etc.

  • Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in everyday medical routine is the result

  • Greater staff and patient satisfaction

  • Cost savings from reducing staff turnover and avoidable sick leave

  • Enhanced attractiveness of the site to new staff, reducing staff shortages

  • Positive effect for liability insurers

  • Positive outward image (marketing) on referring doctors, patients and relatives


InPASS: expertise and experience in medical simulation-based training

The Institute for Patient Safety and Team Training (InPASS) is your partner when it comes to planning and conducting effective simulation-based team training in any area of medicine – be it a one-off training course for your department, or a training programme for all staff. We are glad to help you identify the ideal solution. Whether at a simulation centre or on-site (mobile simulation), we will point you in the direction of effective training results.

Since 1998, Marcus Rall and his partners have been offering simulation-based team training of the highest calibre – nationally and internationally – in almost every medical discipline. They have trained thousands of participants: from anaesthesiology teams in the operating room to teams in intensive care, emergency admissions, cardiac catheterisation labs, delivery rooms or preclinical teams. Marcus Rall received his training in simulation methods, human factors and crisis resource management from Professor David Gaba in Stanford, USA, and from the Harvard Center for Medical Simulation in Boston, USA.


Simulation isn’t just simulation ...

Modern simulation-based team training from InPASS offers the following features:

The training we offer

  • is based on thorough training needs analysis
  • takes place in conditions that reflect the true working environment
  • includes video-assisted debriefing
  • imparts both professional medical and human factor-based know-how (“train together who works together”)

Our instructors are specially qualified:

  • application of the didactic principles for adult education and self-reflective learning
  • knowledge of human factors and crisis resource management (CRM)
  • differentiated scenario building and dynamic control of medically relevant simulation scenarios
  • use of differentiated questioning techniques to achieve in-depth learning effects in follow-up discussions (debriefing)
  • active understanding of the psychology of team security
  • prevention and management of difficult debriefing situations
  • targeted utilisation of video-assisted debriefing

InPASS - Institut für Patientensicherheit und Teamtraining GmbH
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