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Juni 2019
InFacT in Hildesheim
CRM Seminar Universitätsklinikum Halle (Saale)
Simulations-Training Leitstelle Schweiz
Erstellung klinischer CRM-Filmclips in Reutlingen
Simulations-Training DRF-Luftrettung
InFacT in Zürich
Juli 2019
InFacT in Stuttgart
InFacT in Zürich
Simulations-Training Klinik Stuttgart
Simulations-Training Klinik Ulm
Simulations-Training Feuerwehr Stuttgart
Workshop "Fallstudien aus der Notaufnahme - rechtlich und medizinisch"
Vortrag Blickwinkel Intensiv Ulm
Simulations-Training DRF-Luftrettung

Press information on InPASS in brief

Quick info on Dr Marcus Rall

Dr Marcus Rall is one of Europe’s most highly regarded experts on the topic of patient safety.

His mission: to noticeably improve patient safety in Germany and Europe.

In doing so, Dr Rall looks in particular at the causes for errors and incidents in the medical field and how they can be prevented by optimised training measures.

Human factors – often erroneously referred to in supposed malpractice discussions as “human error” – are of just as much interest to Dr Rall and his InPASS team as crisis resource management (CRM). This is an effective tool in the prevention of negative human factors. Furthermore, Dr Rall and his team focus on a number of other theories and strategies for optimising patient safety in line with the concepts of high reliability organisations that are characterised by a level of complexity similar to that of medical science. The aim is to apply strategies from other occupations to the health sector.

Aside from Dr Rall and his team, few medical specialists in Europe have held a comparable range of talks, seminars and training on these matters, or even examined such topics. As regards training of instructor in human factors and CRM combined with modern simulation training, the InPASS team is a market leader.

To Dr Marcus Rall, it is important to achieve thorough recognition of the fact that errors in the healthcare system often arise from shortcomings in the system itself. As a consequence, Dr Rall believes it is not “bad doctors or nursing staff” who are to blame for medical errors, but rather, amongst others, a health system that is not optimised to guarantee safety.

The team working with Dr Rall can indicate ways in which to optimise a system – be it for hospitals, emergency services or other medical institutions: apart from advising on various topics related to enhancing patient safety, simulation-based team training, instructor training, seminars, talks and workshops are provided, plus support with critical incident reporting systems (CIRS).

Dr Rall holds one to two international instructor training courses per month for interdisciplinary teams, using simulation-based team training with human factors/CRM to train members of staff in the safe treatment of patients. He also holds several talks and seminars every month on the topic of patient safety. Dr Rall and his team, as well as their partners, are in high demand as speakers at national and international congresses.

Contact for press enquiries :
Dr Marcus Rall
+49 (0)7121 923807
E-mail: institut(at)

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