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März 2019
InFacT in Reutlingen
InFacT in Münster
InFacT Berufsfeuerwehr Lübeck
Simulations-Training DRF-Luftrettung
CRM-Training Leitstelle
CIRS-Schulung in Ulm
InFacT DRK Baden-Württemberg
Simulations-Training DRF-Luftrettung
CRM Train-the-Trainer in Tirol
InFacT Akademie Reutlingen
CRM Leitstelle Mainz
InFacT DRK Baden-Württemberg
CIRS-Schulung in Regensburg
dreitägiges Simulations-Teamtraining in Köln
April 2019
InFacT in Berlin
InFacT in Münster
InFacT in Traunstein
InFacT in Zürich
Simulations-Training für die Weiterbildung Notfallpflege in der Akademie Reutlingen
Simulations-Training Herzkatheter
InFacT DRK Baden-Württemberg
InFacT Bundeswehr
Mai 2019
InFacT in Traunstein
InFacT in Krefeld
zweitägiges Seminar für Führungskräfte in Hamburg
InFacT in Hildesheim
Dreharbeiten für Reportage zum Simulations-Training
zweitägiges Simulations-Teamtraining Kreißsaal
zweitägiges Simulations-Teamtraining Klinik
InPASS ist mit zwei Workshops und Stand auf der 14. APS-Jahrestagung in Berlin vertreten
zweitägiges Simulations-Teamtraining
fünftägiges Simulations-Teamtraining Klinik
CIRS Anwendertreffen Niederösterreichische Landeskliniken
CIRS-Schulung in Österreich
Simulations-Training DRF-Luftrettung
Tag der Offenen Tür am Simulationszentrum Reutlingen
InFacT DRK Baden-Württemberg
fünftägiges Simulations-Training Klinik
Simulations-Training DRF-Luftrettung
CRM-Training Leitstelle Schweiz


The EPSC at the ESA

In 2007, the European Patient Safety Course (EPSC) was the first course in patient safety to be held in Europe by a professional association (ESA, European Society of Anaesthesiology).

Over the course of one day (divided into two half-days), participants are given an insight into a number of topics that are important today as regards “patient safety”.

As Chairman of the Subcommittee for Patient Safety of the ESA, Marcus Rall was the initiator of the EPSC and has since been its course director.

EPSC in Nottwil, Switzerland

On 20 November 2014, InPASS will also be holding a one-day European Patient Safety Course in Nottwil, Switzerland, together with the Swiss Institute for Rescue Medicine.

Information on the course in German can be found  >> here

To register, contact the Swiss Institute for Rescue Medicine >> here

We look forward to seeing you there!

We can gladly organise similar courses for your institution or association, whether in Germany or abroad :

To date, we have jointly organised numerous Austrian Patient Safety Courses (APSC) and patient safety days for various hospitals with the Austrian Society of Anaesthesiology.

Please let us know if you are interested!

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