InPASS Monitor

Februar 2020
InFacT in Hochegg (Niederösterreich)
CRM-Seminar Leitstelle
InFacT in Reutlingen
CRM Train-the-trainer-Seminar Leitstelle
InFacT am USZ in Zürich
CRM-Seminar für große ZNA
DGINA Kurs zur klinischen Akut- und Notfallmedizin in München – Vortrag: CRM in ZNA
InFacT Inhouse Hochschule
CRM-Seminar Inhouse Rettungsdienst
CRM-Seminar für große ZNA
März 2020
InFacT in Hamburg
InFacT in Reutlingen
CRM-Seminar Hamburg
InFacT in Osnabrück
CRM-Seminar Leitstelle
Simulations-Teamtraining Klinik (3 Tage)
Simulations-Teamtraining Klinik (3 Tage)
InFacT Inhouse Hochschule
InFacT in Kassel
Simulations-Teamtraining Kreißsaal (3 Tage)
April 2020
InFacT in Minden
InFacT in Zürich
InFacT in Kassel
Simulations-Teamtraining Klinik (6 Tage)
InFacT in Morschen
CRM-Seminar Hamburg
InFacT in Krefeld
CRM-Seminar Reutlingen

Seminars & talks

InPASS: seminars and talks

InPASS offers a broad range of talks and seminars on matters of patient safety.

For over ten years, Dr Marcus Rall has been a valued international speaker on the subject of patient safety. The topics he addresses – and presents in an entertaining and absorbing way – regularly impress his audience. An array of keynote speeches and opening addresses at national and international congresses attest to Dr Rall’s role as an innovator and expert in patient safety, not to mention numerous media reports and invitations for him to appear as a television studio guest (Maischberger, Fakt ist, etc.). In addition to Dr Rall, other experts in a variety of medical specialisations and topics can also be found through InPASS.

Are you looking, for example, to:

  • create a CIRS?
  • initiate a team training programme?
  • sustainably enhance the safety culture at your medical organisation?
  • hold a patient safety day?

We can gladly advise and help you to implement your goals in the area of patient safety.
Our range of services is also highly suited to the most diverse needs, such as prior to starting a project on patient safety, to brush up on existing know-how or as part of a symposium. Whether as a seminar for ten participants or a keynote address for your congress – we can gladly assist.

If you would like to engage the services of Dr Marcus Rall or another expert from the InPASS team for a seminar or talk, feel free to call us on +49 (0)7121 923807 or e-mail us at institut(at)

InPASS - Institut für Patientensicherheit und Teamtraining GmbH
Dr. med. Marcus Rall
Friedrich-Naumann-Str. 13
72762 Reutlingen
Phone: +49 7121 923807