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Januar 2020
InFacT in Hochegg (Niederösterreich)
Sim-Trainings Intensivstation (2 Tage)
Sim-Training Klinik (3 Tage)
CIRS-Anwenderschulung (2 Tage)
InFacT Refresher inhouse (2 Tage)
InFacT am IfN in Hamburg
Sim-Training Herzzentrum (3 Tage)
InFacT Refresher inhouse (1 Tag)
InFacT am USZ in Zürich
CRM Train-the-trainer ZNA
Sim-Training Praxisteam
Sim-Training Klinik (4 Tage)
CIRS Anwenderschulung
Februar 2020
InFacT in Hochegg (Niederösterreich)
CRM-Seminar Leitstelle
InFacT in Reutlingen
CRM Train-the-trainer-Seminar Leitstelle
InFacT am USZ in Zürich
CRM-Seminar für große ZNA
InFacT inhouse Hochschule
CRM-Seminar inhouse Rettungsdienst
CRM-Seminar für große ZNA

Analytical and practical: training in relevant scenarios and effective debriefing

The success of simulation-based team training with regard to enhancing patient safety very much depends on the quality of the instructors. In the qualification process, therefore, InPASS makes use of the latest, modern principles of adult teaching. Many participants describe a “new dimension to learning and training”.

Instructor training focuses on imparting the skills with which to conduct highly effective debriefing. To this end, the modern principles of adult education and methods such as human factors and CRM are applied in equal measure as tools for enhancing everyday patient safety.

An accompanying strategy is to look at error emergence and system safety (high reliability organisations) as well as planning and carrying out relevant scenarios.

InPASS thus conveys both analytical and practical everyday skills to InPASS-certified instructors.

In addition to the InFacT Basic Course, we offer instructors an InFacT Refresher and InFacT Advanced course. 


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