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April 2019
InFacT in Berlin
InFacT in Münster
InFacT in Traunstein
InFacT in Zürich
Simulations-Training für die Weiterbildung Notfallpflege in der Akademie Reutlingen
Simulations-Training Herzkatheter
InFacT DRK Baden-Württemberg
InFacT Bundeswehr
Mai 2019
InFacT in Traunstein
InFacT in Krefeld
InFacT in Hildesheim
Dreharbeiten für Reportage zum Simulations-Training
zweitägiges Simulations-Teamtraining Kreißsaal
zweitägiges Simulations-Teamtraining Klinik
InPASS ist mit zwei Workshops und Stand auf der 14. APS-Jahrestagung in Berlin vertreten
zweitägiges Simulations-Teamtraining
fünftägiges Simulations-Teamtraining Klinik
CIRS Anwendertreffen Niederösterreichische Landeskliniken
CIRS-Schulung in Österreich
Simulations-Training DRF-Luftrettung
Tag der Offenen Tür am Simulationszentrum Reutlingen
InFacT DRK Baden-Württemberg
fünftägiges Simulations-Training Klinik
Simulations-Training DRF-Luftrettung
CRM-Training Leitstelle Schweiz

Instructor courses (train the trainer)

Instructor courses (InFacT)

Together with Marcus Rall, InPASS is one of the leading providers of medical instructor training courses in Europe. He and his team regularly conduct instructor training courses for the German armed forces, NATO (Special Operations Forces) and, for example, the University Hospital of Zurich, and is the Faculty for Instructor Courses of the Center for Medical Simulation of Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. By training selected members of staff to become instructors for human factor-based team training, a sustainable training programme can be installed at your institution in the medium term – an important step towards enhancing patient safety and improving teamwork.

Learning to teach for life

InPASS instructor courses provide your trainers with an excellent qualification.

Dr Marcus Rall and his team have been delivering interdisciplinary instructor courses for modern simulation-based team training for many years. With the support of selected partners, Marcus Rall has to date provided instructor training to more than 2,500 individuals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and in many other EU and non-EU countries as part of the EuSim programme.

Many participants describe a “new dimension to learning and training”:

Executives and employees at numerous simulation centres have already benefited from the InFacT services offered by InPASS. The response has been very good, and following the course participants can put the valuable simulation-based team training with human factors (CRM) and modern teaching methods into practice.

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