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Webinar: Wie entstehen Fehler in der Medizin?
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Juli 2020
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Dr Marcus Rall

Dr Marcus Rall is the founder and director of the Institute for Patient Safety (InPASS) and a valued expert on matters of patient safety.


  • Medical studies in Tübingen, Cologne, Würzburg and the USA (St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor & Brigham & Women’s Hospital, as well as MGH, Harvard University, Boston) In parallel to medical studies: training as an emergency medical technician in Cologne and Würzburg and
  • as a fireman in Reutlingen (respiratory equipment carrier and team leader)
  • 17 years of medical work in the area of anaesthesiology and as an emergency doctor at the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine of Tübingen University Hospital (1995-2012)
  • Establishment and management of TüPASS at Tübingen University Hospital (1998-2012)
  • Numerous research projects conducted in the area of patient safety, human factors, CRM and simulation-based team training, supported by the European Commission,
  • Ministry of Science and the Arts, Tübingen University, etc.
  • Several research residencies and training in simulation methods and human factors
  • with Prof. David Gaba, professor of anesthesia and associate dean for simulation-based learning at Stanford School of Medicine, California; continued collaboration and publications with David Gaba
  • Participation in the Harvard Simulation Instructor Training Course in Boston and work as a trainer for instructors in the team at the Harvard Center for Medical Simulation
  • Development of and assistance with the European Simulation Instructor Course (EuSim) together with Dr Peter Dieckmann

Expertise in instructor training

Supported by his team and international partners, Marcus Rall has trained more than 2,500 individuals in the last ten years to become instructors in simulation-based team training – predominantly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also in Italy and beyond.

Selected roles and projects

  • Training director for instructor courses of the Italian professional association AAROI (pioneer project)
  • Instructor training for the pioneer project SIMPARTEAM (training of entire delivery room teams in collaboration with the Action Alliance for Patient Safety, the Medical Service of the Health Insurers (MDK) in Bavaria, the Bavarian public-sector insurance group (Versicherungskammer) and Federal Association of the AOK health insurance group, amongst other partners)
  • Initiation and promotion of the PädSim (www. project at the TüPASS simulation centre together with Dr Oliver Heinzel
  • Creation and Chairman of the Subcommittee for Patient Safety of the European Society of Anaesthesiology
  • Initiator and Director of the first European patient safety course under the auspices of the European Society of Anaesthesiology
  • Supervision of the first Austrian patient safety course held at the Congress of the Austrian Society of Anaesthesiology
  • Co-chairman of the world’s largest simulation conference, the IMSH, of the Society of Simulation in Healthcare in Orlando in 2008

InPASS - Institut für Patientensicherheit und Teamtraining GmbH
Dr. med. Marcus Rall
Friedrich-Naumann-Str. 13
72762 Reutlingen
Phone: +49 7121 923807